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Alpha college invites you to join any of the courses we offer. You will find our teachers dynamic, our classrooms large and bright, our courses stimulating and our host families warm, friendly and caring. During July, August and September you may join our free daily (except Sunday) afternoon excursions, led by our own guide who is a Dubliner, knows the city and surrounding areas intimately and bring you on trips that tourists do not always discover! You will be encouraged to participate in the varied cultural, artistic, musical, dramatic, sports, business and social life that make Dublin so special.
English Language tuition and examinations

Alpha College of English prepares students for internationally recognised examinations. Our students consistently achieve very high grades in all of these very challenging examinations to which employers throughout the world give the highest consideration when selecting staff who need to speak excellent English.
Host family is our most popular form of accommodation and recommended for students who are interested in maximising their potential for learning English. Our families are very carefully chosen and visited on many occasions by our accommodation officer. All families are rated by the students who stay in them and only the best families are kept on file. Alpha College arranges hostel accommodation for students who request it. The hostel is in the city centre and is clean and modern. Accommodation consists of dormitories which can range from 4 to10 beds.
Admissions procedure

If you would like to enrol for one of the courses, please, use the booking form on our site or e-mail us at

References: (095)737-33-05; 202-54-52
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AMERICAN COLLEGE DUBLIN 2 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel. No.: 353 1 67 68 939
Fax: 353 1 66 68 941 Contact name: Paul Mullins
American College Dublin is a recognized English language school situated in the heart of Georgian Dublin. The school combines the charm of a beautifully restored period residence with the facilities of a modern language centre. American College Dublin is unique in that English language students share facilities with Irish and International students pursuing degree courses in Business, Liberal Arts, Tourism, Hotel and Hospitality Management, and Behavioral Sciences. A full range of English language courses is available all year round. English language students may audit degree programmes. The mother college is located in Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

English Language tuition and examinations Courses are offered at 12 levels from Beginner to Cambridge Proficiency examination: General English (20 hours per week) Intensive English (28 hours per week) English for special purposes Executive English Private classes (one-to-one) Degree audit classes Examination preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE.

4-year undergraduate programmes in Management, Marketing, Psychology, Sociology, Tourism, Liberal Arts (English, History and International Relations), Hotel & Hospitality Management.

Admissions procedure English language: apply for application form at Degree students should have finished high school certificate and then apply for application form at

Accommodation The college offers homestay accommodation and student residence accommodation. Minimum level of English required English Language programme: beginners

References: (095)737-33-05; 202-54-52
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