AMERICAN COLLEGE DUBLIN 2 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel. No.: 353 1 67 68 939
Fax: 353 1 66 68 941 Contact name: Paul Mullins
American College Dublin is a recognized English language school situated in the heart of Georgian Dublin. The school combines the charm of a beautifully restored period residence with the facilities of a modern language centre. American College Dublin is unique in that English language students share facilities with Irish and International students pursuing degree courses in Business, Liberal Arts, Tourism, Hotel and Hospitality Management, and Behavioral Sciences. A full range of English language courses is available all year round. English language students may audit degree programmes. The mother college is located in Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

English Language tuition and examinations Courses are offered at 12 levels from Beginner to Cambridge Proficiency examination: General English (20 hours per week) Intensive English (28 hours per week) English for special purposes Executive English Private classes (one-to-one) Degree audit classes Examination preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE.

4-year undergraduate programmes in Management, Marketing, Psychology, Sociology, Tourism, Liberal Arts (English, History and International Relations), Hotel & Hospitality Management.

Admissions procedure English language: apply for application form at Degree students should have finished high school certificate and then apply for application form at

Accommodation The college offers homestay accommodation and student residence accommodation. Minimum level of English required English Language programme: beginners

References: (095)737-33-05; 202-54-52
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10,11,12 Westermoreland Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel. No.: +353 1 6773322/ 6799872
Fax: +353 1 6795454/ 6718451
Contact name: Barry Crossen
The Dublin School of English was founded in 1968 and is one of the leading English Language Schools in Ireland and Britain. It is recognized by the Department of Education for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language. All our prices include the following:
*Full Visa Support for Russian Nationals
*Full Board Host Family accommodation
*Classes in English, average 24 per week.
*All Materials and Text Books for the course
*Full Tourist programme
*Transfers from and to Dublin Airport
*Information pack

English Language tuition and examinations
We provide a very wide range of courses, suitable for children, adults, executives, work experience and others. All of our standard courses are designed to help you with all aspects of your English. These courses are especially suitable for people who can afford the time to study full-time and for a minimum of several weeks.
Standard Courses for Adults - 24 lessons per week (October to June) EUR 380 per week
21 lessons per week (July to September) EUR 420 per week
Business Courses - The DSE has been running Business Courses for many years, and has an excellent range of Semi-Intensive and Intensive Courses. These are suited to intensive study over a short period of time or for people who need English for Special Purposes (ESP).
Exam Preparation Courses - These classes are more intensive than standard classes and focus on Exam preparation as well as General English.

Admissions procedure
Have a look at our web page: booking & visas.

All courses include Host Family Accommodation in a selected home in the suburbs of Dublin.
All families used by the Dublin School of English are inspected by a member of the School staff. Other forms of accommodation are available in university residences, hostels, guest houses, apartments or hotels. All accommodation arranged is easily accessible from the School.

Minimum level of English required

References: (095)737-33-05; 202-54-52
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GALWAY CULTURAL INSTITUTE Lombard Street, Galway, Ireland
Tel. No.: +353-91-568300
Fax: +353-91-568301
Contact name: Celestine Rowland
Established in 1989, the Galway Cultural Institute is a quality private school dedicated to your English language needs. Situated on the Atlantic West coast, the school is now in a recently renovated 400 year old building in the heart of Galway city. It includes a coffee shop, a comprehensive library and a small computer room with access to e-mail and internet facilities. We provide courses for adult students year round with a maximum of 10 students per class. All our courses are packages and include host family accommodation, tuition and programme. We can offer your choice quality courses and a variety of accomadation from host family, apartment, campus and hotel.
Our courses for juniors during the summer take place at two centers - the Bish school in the heart of the city and Salerno school on Threadneedle Road. All our junior courses include host family accommodation, tuition, sport and cultural programme.

English Language tuition and examinations
For all our courses - general, exam preparation, business or junior courses we have developed cyclical topic based curricula that consist of 13 topics each with its own relevant grammar point. This ensures that all syllabi are focused in nature, have a clear direction and there is an obvious link between practice and production. We prepare for the Cambridge examinations, TOEFL, IELTS, and Trinity examinations. Student satisfaction is a testament to the success of all programmes:
English for General Use - 20 or 30 lessons per week (maximum 10 per group)
Academic English - examination preparation courses: Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, Trinity
One-to-One & Business courses - tailor-made to the individual student's need
Combination courses - are very popular and combine General English with One-to-One classes.
Business and Executive courses combine studies with golf, fishing, business meetings, etc.

Admissions procedure
A Galway Cultural Institute registration form must be completed and should include two photographs. On receipt of an invoice, a prospective student has the option of paying a deposit or full fees. All fees must be paid in advance. No details of accommodation are given until payment has been received.

Minimum level of English required
Students must be post beginners for general classes. Any beginner is required to take a minimum of 30 individual lessons.

References: (095)737-33-05; 202-54-52
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Dept. of Languages & Cultural Studies, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland
Tel. No.: +353 61202777
Fax: +353 61202753
Contact name: Caroline Graham
The University of Limerick Language Centre is an integral part of the Department of Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Limerick and offers:
· professionally-designed English Language Programmes.
· expert tuition from highly-qualified teachers
· access to the University's Language Resource Area
· a certificate on successful completion of the course
On two afternoons of each week course participants can use the language learning facilities in the University's Self-Access Area to work on specific areas of English, e.g. pronunciation, listening skills. The facilities include books, videos, audio-cassettes, multi-media packages. The Self-Access Centre is open to all students attending courses at the University of Limerick Language Centre.

English Language tuition and examinations
Both General English courses and Business English plus General English courses are available in two-week and three-week courses. General English is also available in a four-week course. It is also possible to study for longer, up to 11 weeks, by doing more than one course. The number of hours (50min) per week on a standard course is 20. Intensive courses include extra afternoon sessions so that the total number of hours per week is 25.

Admissions procedure
In order to reserve a place on a course, a registration fee of €63 must be paid. The registration fee applies to all courses in the Summer Programme and is non-refundable. Participants who register for more than one course need only pay the registration fee once.

Accommodation on campus (student village) or with host families can be booked in advance, according to each course participant's requirements. · Student Village (self-catering): The University has three student villages on campus. These consist of individual study bedrooms with communal kitchen and sitting-room in modern houses which accommodate 4, 6 or 8 people. All bedrooms are single rooms. Price: €128 per week. This rate includes towels and linen on arrival, and one linen change per week. House cleaned once a week.
· Homestay: Accommodation is organized with local families. Family accommodation includes half-board Monday to Friday (Bed/Breakfast/Evening Meal) and full board at the weekends. Single rooms unless otherwise requested. Price: €127 per week

References: (095)737-33-05; 202-54-52
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