Would you like to increase the number of Russian agents you are working with?
As the Russian economy is on the rise, more and more Russians are willing to study abroad. Would you like to attract them to your institution?

Moscow Committee of Education, Information Centre STUDY.RU and International Studies Department of BKC-IH invite you to become a part of the 6th edition of our Reference Booklet “Foreign Languages PLUS” with special section “GUIDE TO STUDY ABROAD”. More than 110 other educational institutions have done the same advertising with us in our previous publications. You can see the list of current advertisers here and the full list of participants at www.abroad.study.ru

We are happy to inform you that our project has gained an official recognition by Moscow Government represented by Moscow Committee of Education - a government body responsible for all state educational programs, schools, universities, etc. thus making information about your school accessible to a much wider market. The print version of the Booklet can efficiently reach a great number of potential students. The Booklet is distributed during annual Exhibitions "Foreign Languages PLUS" in Moscow and St Petersburg carried out twice a year in September and January attracting more than 10.000 visitors each time. The distribution scheme also includes major tour agencies, libraries, over 70 secondary schools and universities and a great number of relevant organizations. It is also available in bookshops.

We invite you to advertise with us in the year 2006 and would like to inform you of our special conditions. If you include a proof of full payment along with completed application forms before the deadline, we can offer you a 5% discount on our price list!

We would also like to let you know that starting at only 60 GBP we offer:

  • PRINTED PUBLICATION in the booklet of 25 000 copies
  • INTERNET PUBLICATION (available minimum for 1 year)

Translation is provided free of charge.
Guide to Education Abroad in both print and electronic versions will comprise:

  • Reviews of the educational systems of foreign countries.
  • Lists of recognized foreign language schools (with full contact details and information).
  • Lists of secondary and further education colleges (with full contact details and information).
  • Lists of universities and the courses they offer, their contact details and information.
  • Practical advice for those who are arranging an educational trip on their own (choosing a school, the application process, visa and travel arrangements, money transfer, etc.)

Please note that if you want your information to be included in 2006 year both printed and OnLine versions of the Booklet the deadline for booking is 01 July 2006. To make a booking click here.

Or contact us by fax or e-mail for further details:
TEL: +7 (095) 967-67-00 FAX: +7 (095) 737-6579
E-MAIL: abroad@study.ru

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Reference Booklet “Foreign Languages PLUS” and “Guide to Education Abroad” has been expanded to include a brand new section containing complete information on the skills and strategies which can help students to achieve maximum results in language studies both abroad and in the home country.

Our goal is to make the Booklet even more useful for everyone who is interested in improving their chances for success!

This Internet version of the Guide is a part of a bigger Internet project - STUDY.RU site - the most popular Russian source of information for students of English attracting about 1000-1500 visitors per day.

Conference at STUDY.RU is especially popular - you can visit it if you have something to tell. You can write in English - most of the students can easily understand it.

Please keep us informed of any news - you can e-mail them to abroad@bkc.ru

Useful information will be translated into Russian and placed in the news section at study.ru/abroad free of charge.


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